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Images of America: Erie County Fair (2014)

From its humble, pioneer beginnings to its current incarnation as the largest independent county fair in the United States, the Erie County Fair in Hamburg, New York, is a beloved western New York institution. Annually, over one million people flock to its historic fairgrounds located just south of Buffalo to celebrate agriculture, showcase time-honored traditions, keep the spirit of competition alive, and, most importantly, come together as a community. Through vintage photographs, Erie County Fair presents a visual narrative of the fair’s history and stimulates cherished memories rooted in decades of excitement found at this annual summer gathering. The continuity of the American county fair spirit is most evident through these images from the archives of the Erie County Agricultural Society.

: 9781467122061
: Arcadia Publishing
: 07/28/2014
: New York
: Images of America
: 229 Black And White
: 128

Images of Modern America: Erie County Fair (2016)

During the mid-20th century, the Erie County Fair in Hamburg, New York, began a journey that transformed a traditional, agriculturally based fair into the largest independent county fair and exposition in the United States. As the number of fair days and exhibits expanded, so did the number of fairgoers, increasing gate attendance figures to over one million visitors annually. While fair traditions have provided continuity over the decades, the fair continues to evolve and renew itself through improvements to the fairgrounds, the addition of unique attractions, and an ongoing commitment to agriculture. Erie County Fair showcases the many dramatic changes that have taken place during the modern era of this fair. From the thrills of the midway and entertainment to nationally recognized agricultural, creative arts, and livestock competitions, the fair’s history comes alive through color photographs from the archives of the Erie County Agricultural Society.

: 9781467117098
: Arcadia Publishing
: 08/01/2016
: New York
: Images of Modern America
: 163 Color
: 96

Images of America: Buffalo Radio (2022)

Ever since the first broadcasts of Buffalo, New York’s pioneer radio stations during the 1920s, the medium has played an important role in the everyday lives of the city’s citizens. From snowstorms to Super Bowls, radio and its talented broadcasters have helped to shape popular culture and the city’s identity. Buffalo’s longest operating station, WGR, signed on the air in May of 1922 and was soon followed by WEBR (1924), WKBW (1926) and WBEN (1930). Over the decades, the city has been home to a number of legendary announcers including Clint Buehlman, Billy Keaton; sports announcers like Ralph Hubbell, Bill Mazer, Van Miller, Stan Barron; hockey broadcasters Ted Darling and Rick Jeannert; beloved talk-show hosts like John Otto and pioneer rock & roll DJ like George “Hound Dog” Lorenz. Buffalo became a breeding ground for network radio stars including Howdy Doody’s “Buffalo” Bob Smith, comedian Foster Brooks, NBC Tonight Show host Jack Paar and the creator of “The Lone Ranger” Fran Striker. Top 40 personalities like Joey Reynolds, Dick Biondi, Tommy Shannon and Danny Neaverth ruled the airwaves with excitement and spontaneity during the 1960s. Using photographs and ephemera from his own collection and from some of Buffalo’s best-known air personalities, Marty Biniasz tells the story of the stations and announcers Buffaloians have listened to for decades.

Arcadia Publishing
: 7/18/2022
New York
Images of  America
: 231
: 128